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Her specialty is Parkinson's Disease. A decade ago she was diagnosed with the degenerative disease at the age of 36. Dr. De Leon no longer practices medicine, but as a survivor she continues to guide and mentor Parkinson patients. De Leon would never be offended if you called her a "diva." "Everybody in my family thinks I'm a diva and they just, you know, think I just like to bling this and make sure I'm stylish," De Leon said. De Leon even titled her new book "Parkinson's Diva:A Woman's Guide to Parkinson's." De Leon prefers the less used definition of diva. "Being able to do supernatural things with natural abilities," she said."You know you're limited by what you have, but yet you're able to accomplish so many things." Accomplishments came early as a young student at the University of Pennsylvania to Queen's Square in London to residency at University of Texas. "Things worked out and I went to the right medical school," she said."I went to the right college and became a neurologist and it's ironic I ended up with Parkinson's." De Leon had to give up her thriving practice, but quickly was determined to reinvent herself. The doctor became a patient's adviser and advocate for the Parkinson's Disease Foundation. "It's given me really good insight to be a better doctor, be a better compassionate person and advocate for what's going on because I can see from both sides," she said. In the forefront is first-hand knowledge that women with Parkinson's Disease have very different symptoms then men.http://knearot1949x01.tek-blogs.com/an-update-on-handy-strategies-in-medical-student

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Also called sebaceous cysts, these are present on the surface of the skin. In 1877, Adolf Appellöf graduated from the famous University of Uppsala, earned his doctorate in zoology, and took up a temporary position as a lecturer in zoology at the same university. However, before you can practice medicine, you should get a license from the state in which you plan to work. It is observed that the symptoms of sciatica are often experienced in the lower back and the leg. These disorders could be congenital or might develop with age. And, in case we get affected by any of the problems related to the central nervous system, brain, and spine, we rush to the neurosurgeons, who specialize in the study of these organs. Usually, they do not treat a patient for pain, unless they know the exact reason behind it. It is used as a ranking tool by hospital residency programs.